Tiina Vili was born in Estonia in 1964 and trained as tailor at age of 18 before life got in the way and separated her from the world of fashion. A course in Art History through the Open University in 2004 made her realise her love of art was focused on the fine crafts. An advertisement for courses in Grafton Academy of Fashion Design in 2005 then brought her back to fashion and she undertook the diploma course in Fashion Design, followed by millinery courses in 2006 and 2007. The following year, at the Horse Racing of Ireland show in the Four Seasons, her monochrome pillbox hat was awarded ‘Best Hat’ in the fashion show and Tiina understood that her true calling was in millinery.

She also learned that a well-designed hat is the finishing touch to any outfit. A hat has no boundaries and no limits, it is the true expression of who you are in every moment. The hat is your dream of who you can be. It emphasises the different sides of your character; with the wave of the hat you can be mysterious or sexy, now proper, now playful.

Staying loyal to Grafton Academy of Fashion design, she is sharing her skills and experience with her students since 2011, and trying to pass on the ethics and principles of traditional French Millinery which her own tutor and mentor, Aileen Keogh, was trained in.